Seven Out

I was having the best breakfast in the world: a paper cup of steaming watery coffee sipped at the rail of the craps table at O’Shea’s Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, with sticky Sunday morning sunshine lighting up the dust and duct tape on the felt. Around me, the cheery chimes of a hundred … Continue reading Seven Out


Lindsay and Rebecca, roommates and friends, decided that morning to go running east instead of their usual west, into the outskirts of what they considered their neighborhood. Fitness monitors looped to their wrists, long hair bouncing against their shoulders, they were two neon flags flitting past fading hundred-year-old homes and gray churches whose spires punctured … Continue reading Motionless


My short story "Ponies" appears in the Summer 2018 Fiction issue of Sixfold. Please visit the Sixfold website to read this and other stories for free in multiple formats including web, PDF, and e-readers. There's also a link to purchase the paperback edition from Amazon.